What is Holy Yoga?

Holy Yoga is a ministry dedicated to facilitating the intentional practice of connecting our entire being:  body, mind and spirit with God — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  In complete reliance on God’s Word and prayer, the Holy Yoga experience is a time of worship, praise, and connection to Christ practiced to music that will shift our awareness to our Creator. Breathing and moving and having our being in Christ, we find ourselves lost in the flow of the fullness of joy that has been promised to us. See www.holyyoga.net for more information.

What makes Holy Yoga “holy”?

We’re so glad you asked! We believe this is the most important aspect of any Holy Yoga class. God. Jesus. The Holy Spirit. The “holy” comes from inviting the Triune God into the physical practice of prayer that called yoga. “Everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.” (1 Tim 4:4-5) Our classes will surround you with Scripture, spirit-filling music, and prayer to assist you in making space (physically, mentally, and emotionally) to explore your relationship with God.

Isn’t yoga a Hindu practice?

There is often a misconception that yoga is a religion: It is not. Yoga predates Hinduism by centuries! Yoga consists of exercise, breathing, and meditation. In Holy Yoga we practice with our minds set on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy (Phil 4:8) and not with our minds emptied. We meditate on the wisdom of God’s Word (Psalm 119:9-16, 26-27) and not on the wisdom of man. We seek the transcendence and glory of God and not of ourselves.

Because we speak the most basic and universal yoga language, our poses are the same as they are in other yoga classes. We do, however, refer to them by their English name. You will not “om”ing in our classes.

Holy Yoga is absolutely safe yoga for your walk with the Lord. If you’re feeling skeptical, come! You are always invited to sit and discern this practice to see if it’s something that aligns with your Biblical understanding of God and prayer.

Do I have to be a Christian to participate in Holy Yoga classes?

Absolutely not! Holy Yoga classes are designed for all to come and explore what it means to follow Christ. We welcome (and encourage!) seekers and believers from all backgrounds, as well as those who simply love yoga. We would love to begin a faith dialogue with you or listen as you wrestle with who God is.

What kind of yoga is Holy Yoga?

Holy Yoga classes are a combination between hatha yoga and vinyasa flow yoga. Our intention is the only difference.  In Holy Yoga we do not aim to rid ourselves of “things.”  We strive to cling to God with all our “things” as He is the only one who can loosen our grip.

What do I need to bring?

If you have your own sticky mat, please bring it with you. If not, we have a limited supply of sanitized mats for your use. If you practice with a block or a strap, please bring that as well.

What should I wear?

Yoga is best practiced in form-fitting clothing that will enable you to move freely and allow your instructor to view the alignment of your spine, knees, and ankles.  The temperature in our practice room varies with seasons so layers are recommended.

I pray and I “get” worship but I’ve never practiced yoga before.

Holy Yoga classes are a great place to start! As a newbie, please arrive a few minutes early to complete registration paperwork, ask any questions you might have, and let your instructor know of any physical restrictions or concerns. Be assured that every body is different and your own body varies from day to day. For this reason, modified postures are not only welcomed but encouraged.  Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach – plan accordingly. We recommend not eating for 60-90 minutes before class. Above all, be assured that Holy Yoga exists for you to connect with God over mastery of yoga!  You are welcome regardless of your yoga experience.



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