My Story

Hi Friends!


I am a sold out follower of Jesus Christ! I can do nothing well apart from Him and I need His grace to cover my many failures and stumbles. Life does get messy and hard but I am thankful He is with me and helps me everyday to do things better! I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and pets! I love looking for God in nature and seeing His hand at work. He really does provide all we need! I also enjoy learning how food effects our bodies and how to use what God has given us naturally to heal and to be proactive in being healthy. I love my husband of 18 years and counting and our 2 beautiful teenage children! I also LOVE Holy Yoga and the family that has come with this ministry, so authentic and full of grace & encouragement for this crazy ride of life! I love being able to worship Jesus with all of me, heart, mind, and soul! Yoga allows me the freedom to move and express my love to my creator fully. When I spend time on my mat my thoughts get clearer, my body gets rejuvenated, and I receive peace. This equips me to be able to go out and serve Jesus as He directs my path! Holy Yoga has certainly changed my life, and my prayer is once you encounter Jesus on your yoga mat, it will change yours, as well!

I have my bachelors degree in Elementary Education. I am a certified 500 hour Master Holy Yoga Instructor. This September I embarked on a year-long training in Holy Yoga Therapy, I love to learn!

Email me at [email protected] to inquire about availability to teach a class for your church or women’s ministry.



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  • Happy New Year! 🎉
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