Workplace Yoga

Approach to Workplace Yoga

You know what office jobs require โ€“ employees sit all day in front of a computer screen. The work of todayโ€™s world requires stillness, focus, and concentration. So how do you offset all those hours of sitting day-by-day? I have the solution! Office yoga will help employees find a fuller range of motion and strengthen those weak and underused muscles from sitting all day.

When sitting for long periods of time, the hip flexors in your legs get short and tight from the lack of physical activity. Tight muscles can lead to back pain, hip impingement, and even degeneration of the joints. By taking the time to breathe and stretch in the midst of a sedentary workday, you can increase your flexibility, improve circulation, and correct your posture โ€“ all at the same time.

The icing on the cake? Stress relief, mental clarity, a happier body and a noticeable decrease in tension and fatigue all come from a regular yoga practice. The manifold tangible benefits of yoga make the office yoga program a fun, healthy, and effective way to boost morale and productivity in the workplace.
Yoga therapy improves posture, relieves aches from sitting and staring at screens, prevents repetitive-motion injuries like carpal tunnel, and clears the mindโ€”so you and your employees avoid that afternoon energy slump.

Employees will need a mat and a water bottle. I can teach before the day begins, during lunch, or a break! The class runs 1 hour. The cost is $75.

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